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Galvanizing Machine

A galvanizing machine is a mechanical device that performs galvanizing on the surface of metals, alloys or other materials. It uses professional equipment and specific water-based chemical raw materials, and uses the principle of chemical reaction to achieve the effect of electroplating by direct spraying. It can make the surface of the object to be sprayed with chrome, nickel, sand nickel, gold, silver, copper and various color gradients and other specular highlights.
It is a long cylindrical or long polygonal prism with a buffer layer, and the drum is horizontally placed with a transmission mechanism and a loading and unloading mechanism to achieve surface coating of the current welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and long rod-shaped parts. The length of the drum depends on the length of the plated part, and has the characteristics of low zinc consumption, low energy consumption, no pollution, and no need for high temperature.
The galvanizing machine can pickle the steel pipe first to remove the iron oxide on the surface of the steel pipe. After pickling, it is washed by an aqueous solution of ammonium chloride or zinc chloride or a mixed aqueous solution of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride, and then sent to a hot dip plating bath. The hot-dip galvanized pipe has the advantages of uniform plating, strong adhesion and long service life.
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  • Acid Pickling Line

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    Acid Pickling Line

    Before galvanizing, the pretreatment is needed for workpiece. We call the whole pretreatment and environment protection systems at this section, acid pickling line.

  • Fluxing Regeneration System

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    Fluxing Regeneration System

    This fluxing regeneration system is used for removing Fe ions out of the solution. This is happened in a closed room.

  • Zinc Kettle

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    Zinc Kettle

    We can supply zinc kettle according to buyer’s galvanizing furnace structure according the drawing from buyer. Or we can offer the sulotion of zinc kettle and galvanizing furnace. According to the shape difference, we can offer the following:

  • Galvanizing Furnace

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    Galvanizing Furnace

    The energy medium for Our galvanizing furnace can be natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, oil, electricity and coal gas, the users of galvanizing furnace can choose the best energy medium option for them and we can design the furnace according to that.

  • Heat Exchanger

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    Heat Exchanger

    The heat exchanger is a kind of device for energy recycling during galvanizing. It take advantage of the waste air from furnace heating system

  • Steel Pipe Galvanizing

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    Steel Pipe Galvanizing

    For steel pipe galvanizing, the black pipes are sent into acid pickling line for pickling, rinsing, and fluxing, to prepare the surface of steel pipe for easy galvanizing; second, dry up steel pipes; third, hot dipped galvanizing; forth, draw up and pipe inner/outer blow;...

  • Air Scrubber System

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    Air Scrubber System

    Air Scrubber System is mainly made from PP material or FRP material. It consists of air ejector fan, water spray system, acid-proof pump, acid-proof pipes and electrical control system.

  • Waste Acid Treatment System

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    Waste Acid Treatment System

    With the help of this waste acid treatment system, the iron mud from fluxing regeneration mix with waste acid into Polyferric chloride which can be used for flocculants in sewage treatment plants, and waste acid and iron mud are useful and the waste acid is safe and friendly...

  • Zinc Smoke Collecting Enclosure

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    Zinc Smoke Collecting Enclosure

    Zinc smoke collecting enclosure The working space above zinc kettle for work piece getting galvanized is an enclosure room. The work piece get into the space through a moving channel on the top of zinc fume cover. As soon as the work piece contact with melt zinc, the dust,...

  • Industrial Bag Filter

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    Industrial Bag Filter

    In the industrial bag filter, there are a lot of filter mediums inside of it. When zinc smoke air get through, the filter mediums get filled with particles(zinc particles).

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