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Environment Protection

The following galvanizing machines are ideal for protecting the environment during production work. These are some of the machines used for environment protection, including Air Scrubber System, Waste Acid Treatment System, Zinc Smoke Collecting Enclosure, and others.
The pickling process in the steel industry and metal products industry needs to remove the iron oxide scale on the surface of the steel for pickling treatment. During the pickling process, a large amount of waste acid liquid is generated. The components of the sulfuric acid pickling waste liquid are mainly free impurities such as free acid, ferrous sulfate, water and suspended matter, and generally in the waste acid solution having a concentration below 4%. A waste acid solution is formed when the iron content is more than 250 g/L. Because steel companies emit a lot of waste water containing waste acid every year, it causes environmental pollution and wastes water resources. Therefore, our highly efficient and environmentally friendly pickling system provides excellent environmental protection.
In addition, we also have a zinc smoke collection box for the disposal of zinc smoke. We have developed this equipment because the working environment is diffused with soot and sourness which will seriously affect the physical and mental health of the operators and the atmospheric environment. It has the characteristics of high purification efficiency and easy recycling of recycled materials. This equipment can operate safely for a long time, and its operation is simple and maintenance cost is low. It is an ideal equipment for powder gas purification and collection.
We are one of the most professional environment protection manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory offers the best quality environment protection made in China with competitive price. Welcome to buy.
  • Air Scrubber System

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    Air Scrubber System

    Air Scrubber System is mainly made from PP material or FRP material. It consists of air ejector fan, water spray system, acid-proof pump, acid-proof pipes and electrical control system.

  • Waste Acid Treatment System

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    Waste Acid Treatment System

    With the help of this waste acid treatment system, the iron mud from fluxing regeneration mix with waste acid into Polyferric chloride which can be used for flocculants in sewage treatment plants, and waste acid and iron mud are useful and the waste acid is safe and friendly...

  • Zinc Smoke Collecting Enclosure

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    Zinc Smoke Collecting Enclosure

    Zinc smoke collecting enclosure The working space above zinc kettle for work piece getting galvanized is an enclosure room. The work piece get into the space through a moving channel on the top of zinc fume cover. As soon as the work piece contact with melt zinc, the dust,...

  • Industrial Bag Filter

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    Industrial Bag Filter

    In the industrial bag filter, there are a lot of filter mediums inside of it. When zinc smoke air get through, the filter mediums get filled with particles(zinc particles).

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