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Surface Preparation

Devices for Surface Preparation include devices for the Acid Pickling Line and Fluxing Regeneration System.
Because slagging is an indispensable part of the steelmaking process. Steelmaking and ironmaking should reduce the impurities in the steel. These impurities are separated and then enter the slag. Because the slag has a light specific gravity and floats on the molten steel, it is easier to remove. In addition, the slag can also protect the molten steel from direct contact with the atmosphere. The slagging is the addition of a steel-making substance called a slag-forming agent, such as calcium fluoride or calcium oxide, in the steel making process to form slag. The principle of our fusion regeneration system is to convert ferrous iron into iron and iron Fe(OH)3 by oxidation and to filter out Fe(OH)3. H2O2 is a commonly used oxidant here.
The pickling line is a process of steel metallurgy in order to remove the scale on the steel sheet for further rolling of the steel sheet. It plays a key role in the cold rolling production in the steel and metallurgy sector. Its main function is to remove the iron oxide scale and dirt on the surface of the steel coil from the hot rolling mill by means of mechanical and chemical action to obtain a strip with a clean surface. Our pickling line uses a unique high-efficiency, low-cost, high-speed pickling technology.
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  • Acid Pickling Line

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    Acid Pickling Line

    Before galvanizing, the pretreatment is needed for workpiece. We call the whole pretreatment and environment protection systems at this section, acid pickling line.

  • Fluxing Regeneration System

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    Fluxing Regeneration System

    This fluxing regeneration system is used for removing Fe ions out of the solution. This is happened in a closed room.

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