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Zinc Galvanizing

The company offers Zinc Galvanizing products, including Zinc Kettle, Galvanizing Furnace and more.
We can provide a zinc pot for the galvanized furnace structure according to the buyer's drawings. Zinc pots, galvanizing furnaces and other ancillary equipment are also available.
Our galvanizing furnaces are well designed for their overall structural processing. It is made of a relatively high quality material, which can guarantee the use of the boiler. Its structure is firm and stable, especially in the heat preservation effect. It is heated uniformly, which can form a good heating effect, and ensure the stable function of the boiler. This galvanizing furnace has become a very good choice for many machining operations. The flame is stable and the internal heat is evenly distributed. Compared with the traditional boiler, it has better stability, and it is a very good choice in steel processing.
In addition, we also offer heat exchangers, a device for energy recovery in the electroplating process. It uses the exhaust gas from the heating system in the furnace to burn the heat of the medium. The unit exchanges heat into the water in the duct passage, which transfers heat to the melt tank, warming the solution to nearly 70 degrees Celsius.
We are one of the most professional zinc galvanizing manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory offers the best quality zinc galvanizing made in China with competitive price. Welcome to buy.
  • Zinc Kettle

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    Zinc Kettle

    We can supply zinc kettle according to buyer’s galvanizing furnace structure according the drawing from buyer. Or we can offer the sulotion of zinc kettle and galvanizing furnace. According to the shape difference, we can offer the following:

  • Galvanizing Furnace

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    Galvanizing Furnace

    The energy medium for Our galvanizing furnace can be natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, oil, electricity and coal gas, the users of galvanizing furnace can choose the best energy medium option for them and we can design the furnace according to that.

  • Heat Exchanger

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    Heat Exchanger

    The heat exchanger is a kind of device for energy recycling during galvanizing. It take advantage of the waste air from furnace heating system

  • Steel Pipe Galvanizing

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    Steel Pipe Galvanizing

    For steel pipe galvanizing, the black pipes are sent into acid pickling line for pickling, rinsing, and fluxing, to prepare the surface of steel pipe for easy galvanizing; second, dry up steel pipes; third, hot dipped galvanizing; forth, draw up and pipe inner/outer blow;...

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