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Application parameters of Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace
Oct 23, 2018

It is mainly suitable for vacuum welding of automobile radiator, air-conditioner evaporator, condenser, intercooler, radar grid antenna, waveguide and various plate-warping or segment-type heat exchangers.

ModelEffective zone size (mm)Quantity of furnace charge (kg)Heating materialsHeating power (kw)Maximum temperature (℃)Temperature uniformity (±℃)Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)Pressure rise rate (pa/h)
 GWL-LB600×400×400200Nickel-Chromium tape807004100.67
 GWL-LB700×500×500300Nickel-Chromium tape1007004100.67
 GWL-LB900×600×600400Nickel-Chromium tape1307004100.67
 GWL-LB1200×800×8001000Nickel-Chromium tape1607004100.67
 GWL-LB1500×1000×10001500Nickel-Chromium tape2007004100.67

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