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Construction of Vacuum furnaces
Oct 23, 2018

The vacuum furnace is generally composed of main engine, hearth, electric heating device, sealing furnace shell, vacuum system, power supply system, temperature control systems and outside of the furnace. The sealed furnace shell is welded with carbon steel or stainless steel, and the joints of the detachable part is sealed with a vacuum sealing material. In order to prevent the furnace shell after heating deformation and sealing material heat deterioration, the furnace shell general water cooling or air cooling. The furnace chamber is located inside the sealed furnace housing. Depending on the furnace application, different types of heating elements are installed inside the furnace, such as resistors, induction coils, electrodes, and electronic guns. Melting Metal Vacuum furnace furnace is equipped with crucibles, and some also equipped with automatic pouring device and loading and unloading of the manipulator. Vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum valve and vacuum gauge.

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