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Zinc Plated Solution
Oct 23, 2018

With the development of galvanizing process, the use of high-performance galvanized Brightener, galvanized from the simple protection of the purpose of entry protection-decorative applications. There are two kinds of zinc plating solution, cyanide plating solution and cyanide-free plating liquid. Cyanide plating solution is divided into micro-cyanide, low cyanide, cyanide, and high cyanide several kinds. Cyanide-free plating solution has alkaline zinc acid salt bath, ammonium salt bath, sulfate plating bath and no ammonia chloride plating solution. Cyanide Zinc Plating solution has good plating capacity, the coating is smooth and meticulous, in the production of long-term use.

However, due to the toxic cyanide, the environmental pollution is serious, in recent years has tended to adopt low cyanide, micro cyanide, cyanide-free zinc plating solution.

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