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Advantages Of Vacuum Furnaces
Oct 23, 2018

1) completely eliminate the oxidation and decarbonization of the workpiece surface during heating process, and the clean surface without metamorphic layer can be obtained.

This greatly improves the performance of cutting tools that grind only one side during sharpening, such as a twist drill that causes the decarburization layer on the trench surface to be exposed directly to the edge.

2) No pollution to the environment, do not need to carry out three wastes treatment. 3) Furnace temperature measurement, monitoring accuracy significantly improved. The thermocouple's indication value and the temperature of the furnace are up to ±1.5°c.

But a large number of parts in the furnace temperature difference is larger, if the use of thin gas forced circulation, can still be controlled in the ±5°c temperature range. 4) high degree of electromechanical integration.

On the basis of improving the temperature measurement and control accuracy, the workpiece movement, air pressure regulation, power regulation and so on can be pre-programmed, according to the steps to implement quenching and tempering. 5) Energy consumption is significantly lower than the salt bath furnace. Modern state-of-the-art vacuum furnace heating chamber is made of high-quality insulation insulation wall and barrier, can be high concentration of electric energy in the heating room, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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