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Introduction To Flying Saws
Oct 23, 2018

Flying saw machine is one of the key equipment in the welded pipe production line, the experts at home and abroad have been extensively researched on the flying saw machine, and introduced a new type of precision determination of the flying saw machine. In 1983, the long-length encoder was first put on the flying saw trolley, can carry out two fixed-scale control, the flying saw machine has simple structure, reliable operation, high-precision fixed-length cutting. Combined with production practice, a new type of ps76-80 flying saw machine is developed based on the comparison of various types of flying saws at home and abroad. Its main characteristics are: The long-length encoder is placed on the flying saw trolley; through the PC program controller for one and two time fixed-scale control, the second ruler adopts advanced one-axis positioning AC servo system; The 200mm saw blades driven by three oil motors are 120° distributed along the circumference of welded steel tubes, The blade feed is provided by the cylinder and the oil motor as a vertical feed and a rotational feed not less than 60°. The cutting torque is large and steady, achieves the drive synchronization is simple, the system runs stably and reliably, low noise, small vibration, high precision, low investment, suitable for all kinds of cross-sectional steel pipe production target, is the modern welded pipe production ideal equipment

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