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The Main Technical Indexes And Parameters Of Flying Saw
Oct 23, 2018

Fixed length: 4000-9999mm

Fixed-scale accuracy: ±0.2mm (over 90%)

Wall Thickness Range: 0.8-6mm

Materials: Low, medium and low alloyed steels

Line Maximum speed: 80m/min

Scope of the simulation test: 0-80m/min

Flying saw trolley Maximum stroke: 3m

Saw Blade Trolley Maximum stroke: ±30mm

Maximum stroke of booster cylinder: 320mm

Saw Blade trolley screw pitch: 4mm

Saw Blade trolley ratio: 1:2

Pulse equivalent: 0.1mm/p

Measuring wheel circumference/diameter: 300mm/95.492966mm

Saw blade Diameter: ≈200mm ( -33mm below with ≈150mm)

Saw tangent speed: 31.4m/min

Test Length: 200m

PC Model: FX2N-32MR

Position Control module: FX-1PG

Data Access unit: FX-20DU-E

AC Servo System: mr-j70ma

Servo motor: ha-mey3b 750W 3000rpm4000p/.

Hydraulic Pump: 200SGY14-1B

Hydraulic Pump Motor: y250m-637kw Air Supply Pressure: 0.5-0.8mpa

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