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Zinc Plating Machine
Oct 23, 2018

Galvanized machine is a metal, alloy or other materials on the surface of the galvanized process of mechanical equipment.

Function: Mechanical equipment for galvanizing process.

Type: Drum type galvanized Machine, etc.

Features: Low zinc consumption, low energy consumption, no pollution and so on. 

Mechanical equipment for galvanizing processes on the surface of metals, alloys, or other materials. A lot of kinds, such as drum-type galvanized machine, scattered pieces of mechanical galvanized machine, steel pipe machinery galvanized machine. The steel pipe mechanical galvanizing machine is a kind of equipment which is galvanized or tinned, cadmium and zinc alloy on long rod-shaped workpiece with mechanical galvanizing process in steel pipe or shape similar steel pipe. It is a liner buffer layer of long cylindrical or long multi-prism, the drum is horizontally placed, with the transmission mechanism and loading and unloading mechanism, to achieve the current welded steel pipe, seamless steel tubes and long rod-shaped parts of the surface coating, the length of the drum with the length of the plating, with low zinc consumption, low energy consumption, no pollution, no need for

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