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Pipe Manufacturing Machine

The company provides related machines for tube manufacturing and testing, these pipe manufacturing machine is mainly used for steel pipes.
Steel pipes are not only used to transport fluids and powdered solids, exchange heat, manufacture mechanical parts and containers, but are also an economical steel. The use of steel pipes to manufacture building structure grids, pillars and mechanical supports can reduce weight, save 20-40% of metal, and achieve mechanized construction. Our company can provide you with a variety of steel pipe related manufacturing machines, including Steel Pipe Bundling Machine, Pipe Strapping Machine, Pipe Wrapping Machine, C Channel Packing Machine, etc.
The strapping machine is bundled at different positions according to the procedure and the length of the strapping. When the strapping machine is in a fixed position, the strapping machine is moved by the rollers to each of the strapping positions. We also have a mobile strapping machine that keeps the strapping process intact.
The steel pipe winding machine is used for waterproofing and dustproof coating of the surface of the steel pipe bundle. After this, the steel pipe was tied tighter and more tidy than before.
The steel beam passes through a rotating ring on the roller table, and as the steel beam passes, there are two rotating devices that rotate around the steel beam. After the back of the bag passes through the rotating part, the package is completely finished.
We also offer a wide range of tube testing machines to ensure that the tube length error is small, the wall thickness is uniform, and it is extremely resistant.
We are one of the most professional pipe manufacturing machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory offers the best quality pipe manufacturing machine made in China with competitive price. Welcome to buy.
  • Steel Pipe Shot Blaster

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    Steel Pipe Shot Blaster

    Description External blaster rust removel equipment adopts two groups of pipe blasting at the same time, so that the efficiency of rust removel can be improved. It consists of: a. One rigid steel manufactured manganese blast cabin, fitted with exchangeable magnanese wear...

  • Steel Pipe Painting Production Line

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    Steel Pipe Painting Production Line

    1.Brief introduction: Steel pipe placed on bench table---- Outer surface shot blasting---- pipe feed -in to spray painting position---- Spray painting start automatically---- Transmission to drying stove---- Sending pipe to marking position----Marking---- Quality checking and...

  • Steel Pipe Bundling Machine

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    Steel Pipe Bundling Machine

    This steel pipe bundling machine is fork type machine. The mechanism is like a fork arm lift one layer of pipes and one layer after one layer to form a square bundle or hexagonal bundle. It can be used for bundling round pipe and square or rectangular pipe with one machine.

  • Steel Pipe Packing Machine

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    Steel Pipe Packing Machine

    The steel pipe packing machine is designed according to different working evironment, so that the safety and efficiency of labor also the apperance of pipe package will be improved.

  • Pipe Strapping Machine

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    Pipe Strapping Machine

    The pipe strapping machine performs all the straps in different positions depending the program and the length of the bundles. The bundle will be displaced by the rollers to each strapping position, while the strapping machine will be in a fixed position.

  • Pipe Bundling and Strapping Machine

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    Pipe Bundling and Strapping Machine

    This steel pipe bundling and strapping machine is fork type bundling and full auto strapping. The flying saw, bundling section, strapping section connect with each other and sending signal to corperate the movement.

  • Semi-auto Pipe Strapping Machine

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    Semi-auto Pipe Strapping Machine

    ​This steel belt feeder is a kind of semi-auto pipe strapping machine. Compared with full auto strapping, this machine require one labor using a pneumatic hand-tool to join the strap.

  • Pipe Wrapping Machine

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    Pipe Wrapping Machine

    This steel pipe wrapping machine is used for covering and wrapping waterproof and dustproof on the surface of steel pipe bundles. After this, the steel pipes are tighter in bundles, and tidier compared with the condition before.

  • C Channel Packing Machine

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    C Channel Packing Machine

    C Channel Packing Machine: Length of C section steel bar: 6m;Working speed:≦80M/min

  • Steel Pipe Hydrotester

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    Steel Pipe Hydrotester

    Steel pipe hydrotester is widely used in producing steel pipe according with API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM standards.

  • Pipe Hydro Tester

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    Pipe Hydro Tester

    This pipe hydro tester is four head hydro tester, it means this hydro tester can hydromatic testing four steel pipes at the same time. It is used for online testing.

  • Pipe Hydrostatic Tester

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    Pipe Hydrostatic Tester

    The pipe hydrostatic tester is used for testing oil steel pipe and oil casing, it is also the necessary equipment for oil pipe making. This machine adopts radial sealing, double V-shape clamping, double moving plug.

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