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Aluminium Pipe Making Machine

The aluminum pipe machine and its high-frequency welded aluminum pipe production line independently designed and manufactured by our company have the following characteristics:
1. The equipment has high precision, high speed and low energy consumption:
The entire production process of the production line effectively solves the secondary pollution and corrosion of raw materials through a unique dry forming welding process.
2. Mold:
The company independently develops, designs and processes high-precision molds. The mold materials adopt special precision smelting technology, high-precision imported CNC machine tools, and the surface roughness is low. The mold has high thermal stability in use and high dimensional stability.
3. The shape of the tube is changeable:
According to the needs of the market, it is possible to quickly change the mold on one piece of equipment, produce different wall thicknesses, and a variety of special-shaped high-frequency welded aluminum tubes, the product quality has reached the standards of similar foreign products.
4. High-precision computer control system:
Under the control of the computer, the aluminum pipe machine makes the actual production speed of the certain machine of the pre-forming machine stable, and the speed control accuracy is within one ten-thousandth.
We are one of the most professional aluminium pipe making machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory offers the best quality aluminium pipe making machine made in China with competitive price. Welcome to buy.
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    Aluminium Pipe Manufacturing Machine is a special equipment for producing high-frequency welded aluminum tubes with diameter Φ10-Φ20mm and wall thickness 0.25-0.35mm. The equipment adopts the mature and scientific manufacturing process and the principle of forming welding.

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