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Flying Saw

The steel pipe of the flying saw machine has strong pressure bearing capacity and good welding property. It has undergone various serious scientific examinations and tests to apply safety. The steel pipe has a large caliber and high transportation power, and can save the capital of the laying pipeline. The key applies to pipelines that transport oil and natural gas.
The principle of cutting the flying saw:
When the flying saw machine runs synchronously with the steel pipe, the high-speed rotating saw blade is pressed against the steel pipe by the action of the falling saw cylinder. The heat generated by the friction between the saw blade and the cut metal melts or softens the metal of the steel pipe kerf. The sawing teeth throw the melted or softened metal in a tangential direction, and the saw blade can finally cut the steel pipe.
It adopts two sets of CNC systems, namely automatic tracking and copy milling, which automatically complete the automatic cycle of fast tracking, synchronous running, clamping, copy cutting and fast return.
As an online dynamic tracking and cutting device, our flying saws not only achieve high-precision dynamic length cut-off. Moreover, its unique double-milling polar coordinate two-axis linkage CNC technology achieves burr-free, low-noise, high-quality end cuts. This series of flying saws is especially suitable for medium and large caliber, thick wall, high strength round tubes, square tubes and rectangular tubes.
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  • Flying Cold Saw

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    Flying Cold Saw

    This flying cold saw can be applied to a variety of materials and most shape of the tube welded and cold-formed sections of continuous cutting.

  • Flying Milling Saw

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    Flying Milling Saw

    Flying milling saw is a new online cutting technology in high-frequency welded tube industry. Compared with the friction hot saw, the biggest advantage of flying cold saw is that the ends of the tube is smooth and without burr after being cut off.

  • Flying Friction Saw

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    Flying Friction Saw

    Compared with cold flying saw, flying friction saw has a better cost-effeciency in pipe production and it is suitable for thick wall thickness pipe cutting off.

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