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Flying Cold Saw

This flying cold saw can be applied to a variety of materials and most shape of the tube welded and cold-formed sections of continuous cutting.


Flying cold saw

This flying cold saw can be applied to a variety of materials and most shape of the tube welded and cold-formed sections of continuous cutting. The main moving parts of the machine are based on high precision linear system. So the mechanical machine is solid and reliable system. The electric control system is all-digital intelligent system based on servo technology, using a number of innovative control strategies to simplify. Because of cold milling principle, the saw blade speed and feeding rate must be controllable. Proper cutting parameters should be used in different materials and shape of tube.

The single tooth feed rate of the blades is related to the tube material and cutting arc length. Therefore saw feeding speed is varied. The typical circular tube and square tube cutting arc length variation is as following:


Compared with hot saw, flying cold saw needs longer cutting time. That is, the saw platform and tube speed synchronization area is longer than it is of hot saw. The drive servo must be able to ensure the synchronization in the cutting process. Considering the welded tube production environment, mechanical parts of the machine should be solid and durable to provide the precision at the same time. The electronic control system design should make sure disturbance-protection, stability and fault tolerance.


This flying saw blade adopt high speed steel or Tungsten Carbide Tipped blades. The HSS saw blades are suitable for cutting structural steel or non alloy tool steel with tensile strength up to 500Mpa. The TCT saw blade is suitable for the high hardness and high density material with tensile strength of 1000Mpa or higher. The line speed and feeding rate of HSS and TCT blades are different.

In our design, HSS blade has at least 20mm additional diameter for re-sharp. This grinding diameter helps customer reduce the using cost of one blade.

The saw blade feeding angle is desided by the pipe shape. Circular pipe can be any angle feeding, but it should insure that the blade contact point and left point are the corner of the pipe for square and rectangular tube or special shape pipe. So the pipe shaple and forming angle of production should be known before designing.

Each tube is equipped with a tight fitting clamp, the clamp ensures the tube fixed while cutting. The material of the clamp is Cr12 steel material.


The precise moving parts get oil fed by an oil pump which can automatically fill the lubricating oil. The interval time can be changed by user through touch screen. The filling amount of each component is also adjustable.

Precision manufacturing:

Aging process after the pipe welding;

High precision liner system;

Assembling solid;

2 or 3 axis servo motor



Electric control system:

The system has strong adaptability, the servo motor brand can be selected according to buyer’s requirements;

Saw blade automatic tool setting. The feeding axis automatic detect the blade diameter, without manual measurement;

Support up to 10 length group. Online automatically changing the group. Max setting length is 100m;

Support uo to 24 tube recipe. Including tube thickness, feeding distance, tooth feeding, etc. The buyer need pick up recipe when changing tube;

Floating home point of saw platform. User can set home point according to the length of tube. Fixed back point of saw platform for section receiving;

Detect tube speed online. The system will send alarm signal when speed over or speed shaking;

Inter connective with mill machine system. Following emergency stop;

Sending signal to pipe packing and bundling machine via expand the system I/O point;

Online help guide and alarm/fault recording function. Easy for fault retrospect;

Auto calculate cutting acreage and detect cutting torque;

Supervision real-time production data via APP software by mobile phone. The user can check saw state at anyplace. Support OPC server in windows desktops operating system. So the tube production data can be interconnected with facture ERP system.

The photes are about the touch screen


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