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The pressure of the pipe hydrotester machine is adjustable, and it is mainly used for the hydraulic fatigue test of various pipes. Its control system uses industrial control computer, secondary control instrument system, sensor switch control mode, and closed PLC monitoring of all switch quantities. The system adopts a logical relationship to ensure the safety and reliability of the system, enable fault recording, and automatically lock the logic to ensure unattended test safety. The test case body is an organism composed of a hydraulic system, a heat exchange system, and a control instrument. A closed detection switch is installed at the door to perform measurement and inspection to meet test safety.
The steel pipe hydraulic testing machine is primarily a testing device for testing the water pressure bearing capacity of seamless pipes, welded pipes, spiral pipes and the like.This machine has a hydraulic / pneumatic system, rapid pressure suppression system. It can integrate the body and the water tank, so as to be freely transferred, and finally form a pressure testing machine with a beautiful appearance, superior function, safe and convenient operation, and accurate record. It is an indispensable machine in the steel pipe manufacturing industry.
Application range:
The pipe hydraulic testing machine is suitable for testing the pressure and blasting performance of various automotive hoses, hoses, air conditioning pipes, steel pipes, automobile assemblies and other products. It can be used for burst pressure measurement and pressure time measurement of various types of pipe fittings. And it is widely used in the production, development and research fields of various hoses such as quality inspection units, various vehicle parts manufacturing units, product quality inspection stations, and research institutes.
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  • Steel Pipe Hydrotester

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    Steel Pipe Hydrotester

    Steel pipe hydrotester is widely used in producing steel pipe according with API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM standards.

  • Pipe Hydro Tester

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    Pipe Hydro Tester

    This pipe hydro tester is four head hydro tester, it means this hydro tester can hydromatic testing four steel pipes at the same time. It is used for online testing.

  • Pipe Hydrostatic Tester

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    Pipe Hydrostatic Tester

    The pipe hydrostatic tester is used for testing oil steel pipe and oil casing, it is also the necessary equipment for oil pipe making. This machine adopts radial sealing, double V-shape clamping, double moving plug.

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