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Steel Pipe Hydrotester

Steel pipe hydrotester is widely used in producing steel pipe according with API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM standards.


Steel pipe hydrotester

Steel pipe hydrotester is widely used in producing steel pipe according with API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM standards.

We can offer the hydro-tester with single pipe testing machine, double pipe testing, four pipe testing and six pipe testing with pressure from 0 to 300Mpa according to user’s needs. We design three working mode, full-automatic, manual and maintenance mode.

The steel pipe hydrotester is equipped with monitoring system that display real time curve of pressure, working state; record or print the data and counting.

The hydro tester consists of the following parts:

1. Pipe feed-in and washing equipment

This part is set up on the outlet side of Hydrotester. It is used to automatically align steel pipe, washing and feed material. It is consisted of aligning feed roll, washing equipment, plate turnover equipment and frame.


2. Main mechanical part of Hydrotester

1) Machine frame. This part is set up on the center of Hydrotester, it is the mail supporter of Hydrotester. The tension beams on both sides of frame are made by solid thick steel plate. They are connected by steel on both ends.


2) Water filling end tester


3) Exhausting end tester

Pressure testing mold can shuttle 1200mm and auto monitor and control distance to make sure the pipe enter or exit tester correctly.


4) Push-in and Push-out device

This device is used for drawing in the pipe for testing and pushing out the pipe after testing.


5) Clamping equipment

The equipment is located on the center of Hydrotester, moved by cylinder. It is used for positioning the steel pipe.


6) Hoop supporting equipment

The equipment is located on the tension beams. It is used for supporting the axial force which brought by hoop when the pressure increases. The bead flange can be replaced according to the type of hoop.


7) Seal

It is consisted of fill valve base, split joint, test pressure mould (die cushion, gasket ring, block, seal water ring, water entrance mould) and so on. The split joint connects test pressure mould and test pressure valve base. It is safe, reliable and convenient replacement.

During the sealing,

first, pre-seal the steel pipe.The gasket ring starts to contact the external surface of the pipe follow the increase of pre-sealed pressure, and realize seal instantaneous. Then, fill water to the pipe, exhaust and increase pressure. Tube body waterway and gasket ring waterway conduct when the pressure in pipe reaches the pre-sealed pressure. Then, increase the pressure until the pressure reaches the set pressure, and keep the pressure.

3. Pipe blowing device

It is used for empty the water for steel pipe after hydro-testing. It is located on the exit side of the whole machine area.


4. Water controlling system


1) Low pressure water controlling system

It consists submersible pump, low pressure valve, circulating water tank and so on.

It is located on the alignment end of Hydrotester. It consists of tank, centrifugal pump, high pressure fill valve, high pressure exhaust valve, low pressure valve, the sedimentation tank and so on.

2) High pressure water controlling system

It consists of supercharger, high pressure fill valve, high pressure exhaust valve, high pressure check valve, high pressure unloading valve and high pressure pipeline and so on. The structure of vertical supercharger(see below photo) magnifies pressure by the difference of sectional area of piston.


5. Hydraulic station


Hydraulic system is consisted of hydraulic station, valve group and hydraulic accessories. Hydraulic station consist fuel tank, cooling water circulation system, back to the oil filter system, main pump and accumulator. The fuel tank’s volume is 2m3,with liquid level gauge, thermometer, filter, heater and so on. Valve group consists constant pressure variable pump, hydraulic pipe fittings, fittings, flange, valve that made by HuaDe, and they adopt to the AVIT standards. The soft tube pressure is 31.5MPa

6. Eletric control system

It is used for controlling the entire process of hydraulic test. There are two operation mode, full-automatic and manual modes.

PLC controller adopts SINMENS S7-200 to exam and control the switch signal and analog signal in entire system with the help of Ethernet. In addition, seller will provide 10% spare digital I/O, and output signal interface with relay isolation.

IPC is made by YanHua, its software system is WINDOWS 2000/XP, upper monitor has many factions, such as Friendly man-machine interface, original data storage and query

7. Monitoring system

Monitoring system is designed to set system data, display and storage the curve of pressure, display the working state, count material flow and print. Main including:

Simple screen of mainframe, including mail data of mainframe and system;

The test pressure screen can be used to set the mode of steel pipe, batch number, length, thickness, level of steel, pressure, time under press, filling water time, exhaust time, washing time, count and display of the holes on exhaust carriage;

Running monitoring screen can dynamic simulation display the running process;

The system sends out sign when the pipe is unqualified.


If you have interest on our machine, please contact us, amanda@machine-steel.com

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