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Pipe Packing Machine

These pipe packing machines are designed and manufactured for tubular objects. It generally uses wire crepe paper, woven tape, film and other materials to achieve automatic winding packaging of the product, which has a good protection effect on the rust, corrosion and dust of the profile. The utility model has the advantages of high packaging efficiency, neat appearance after packaging, reduced labor, and the like, and can effectively prevent the product from being scratched and damaged during transportation. It is your choice to provide work efficiency, save work time, reduce product packaging costs and improve product quality.
This pipe packaging machine can be widely used in the winding packaging of all long products such as stainless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, plastic pipe, bar, flat material, profile, cylinder. This machine has the advantages of high safety, fast packaging speed, wide packaging range and easy operation.
It can choose between manual or automatic working mode. It can adjust the speed of the inverter and adjust the overlap of the packaging belt as needed. The tension of the packaging tape is adjustable. And the tape can be automatically attached to the tail of the package. It features a separate control cabinet for improved operability and maintainability.
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  • Steel Pipe Bundling Machine

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    Steel Pipe Bundling Machine

    This steel pipe bundling machine is fork type machine. The mechanism is like a fork arm lift one layer of pipes and one layer after one layer to form a square bundle or hexagonal bundle. It can be used for bundling round pipe and square or rectangular pipe with one machine.

  • Steel Pipe Packing Machine

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    Steel Pipe Packing Machine

    The steel pipe packing machine is designed according to different working evironment, so that the safety and efficiency of labor also the apperance of pipe package will be improved.

  • Pipe Strapping Machine

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    Pipe Strapping Machine

    The pipe strapping machine performs all the straps in different positions depending the program and the length of the bundles. The bundle will be displaced by the rollers to each strapping position, while the strapping machine will be in a fixed position.

  • Pipe Bundling and Strapping Machine

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    Pipe Bundling and Strapping Machine

    This steel pipe bundling and strapping machine is fork type bundling and full auto strapping. The flying saw, bundling section, strapping section connect with each other and sending signal to corperate the movement.

  • Semi-auto Pipe Strapping Machine

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    Semi-auto Pipe Strapping Machine

    ​This steel belt feeder is a kind of semi-auto pipe strapping machine. Compared with full auto strapping, this machine require one labor using a pneumatic hand-tool to join the strap.

  • Pipe Wrapping Machine

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    Pipe Wrapping Machine

    This steel pipe wrapping machine is used for covering and wrapping waterproof and dustproof on the surface of steel pipe bundles. After this, the steel pipes are tighter in bundles, and tidier compared with the condition before.

  • C Channel Packing Machine

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    C Channel Packing Machine

    C Channel Packing Machine: Length of C section steel bar: 6m;Working speed:≦80M/min

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