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Pipe Straightener

The steel pipe straightening machine is a device for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes, wires, and the like. The straightening machine presses the bar or the like by a straightening roller to change the straightness. This machine is a special metallurgical equipment for correcting the bending and section ellipticity of various pipes (or bars).
The position of the steel straightener roller is at an angle to the direction of the straightened product. Two or three large active rolleres are rotated in the same direction by the motor belt, and several small rollers on the other side are driven. Pressure rollers, which are rotated by the rotating rod or tube friction. In order to achieve the required compression of the rolls to the article, the small rolls can be adjusted either forward or backward, either simultaneously or separately. Generally, the greater the number of rolls, the higher the accuracy of the finished product after straightening. After the product is bitten by the roller, it is continuously linearly or rotationally moved, so that the product is subjected to various compression, bending, crushing and the like, and finally the straightening is achieved.
The multifunctional pipe straightener is a maintenance machine for building steel pipe scaffolding, which is used for maintenance and repair of scaffolding steel pipes. Three functions of straightening, descaling and painting are carried out at the same time. The efficiency is high. It greatly reduces the labor intensity. The machine only needs 2 people to operate, completely saving money, effort and time. Our multi-function pipe straightener is the ideal equipment for the maintenance of the shelf pipe by the majority of construction companies.
1. Carefully observe the straightness of the steel pipe. When the initial adjustment, ensure that the steel pipe is in contact with three-quarters of the straightening roller body, and that the gap is not more than 0.1 mm.
2. The straightening speed should be reasonably adjusted according to the bending degree of the steel pipe and the material of the steel pipe being straightened.
3. Adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers according to the material, bending degree and required precision of the steel pipe to ensure the straightening reduction.
4. During the pipe-control process, it is strictly forbidden to touch the straightening roller and the steel pipe in motion by hand, and you need to pay attention to the surface quality of the steel pipe to prevent the surface of the steel pipe from being scratched and indented.
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  • Turks Head Straightener

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    Turks Head Straightener

    This turks head straightener straightens the pipe coming from the mill and also prevents the pipe from twisting. It is located at the end of sizing stands. When the pipe comes out from sizing stands, it goes through turks head for rough straightening.

  • Pipe Straightener Online

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    Pipe Straightener Online

    Pipe straightener online is located after sizing stands. In addition to the Turkish head, sometimes the pipe production line uses a special linear machine for precise straightening.

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