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Steel Pipe Detector

The Steel Pipe Detector includes Pipe Ultrasonic Testing and Steel Pipe X Ray Inspection Equipment.
The automatic ultrasonic testing equipment for steel pipes is mainly used for the automatic detection of internal defects in the inner and outer surfaces of steel pipes and materials. It uses ultrasonic testing at 5MHz or 10MHz. During the detection process, the steel pipe itself rotates, the ultrasonic probe moves along the surface of the steel pipe. It is digitized by special inspection software, and the defect position can be synchronously displayed, and the detection result is saved and printed. It adopts a straight line of steel pipe, and the probe rotates circumferentially at a high speed relative to the steel pipe. When the ultrasonic waves are coupled into the steel pipe by water, they propagate along the pipe wall. When there is a crack in the tube wall, it will cause ultrasonic reflection. The ultrasonic instrument will alarm the ultrasonic reflection signal after the amplified signal processing, and realize the automatic detection of the defect.
Our welded pipe X-ray inspection equipment can be automatically and quickly adjusted according to different specifications of welded pipes, which effectively shortens the auxiliary time during inspection, improves production efficiency, and meets the requirements for flaw detection. It is very good to meet customer requirements such as the quality requirements of welds.
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  • Pipe Ultrasonic Testing

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    Pipe Ultrasonic Testing

    This Pipe Ultrasonic Testing Machine is used for testing the metal material with bigger thickness such as steel pipes and tubes.

  • Steel Pipe X Ray Inspection Equipment

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    Steel Pipe X Ray Inspection Equipment

    Steel pipe X ray inspection equipment is mainly used to detect whether there are defects (cracks, blisters, pores, white spots, inclusions, etc.) inside the steel pipe, whether the welds are qualified, and whether there are any dark injuries, so as to judge whether the steel...

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