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Pipe Ultrasonic Testing

This Pipe Ultrasonic Testing Machine is used for testing the metal material with bigger thickness such as steel pipes and tubes.


Pipe Ultrasonic Testing Machine

This Pipe Ultrasonic Testing Machine is used for testing the metal material with bigger thickness such as steel pipes and tubes.

Technical parameter

Steel pipe OD:Φ406~Φ1930 mm

Steel pipe length:8-12.5m

Wall thickness of steel pipe:4-25.4mm

Forming angle:45º—75º left screw

Detecting speed:3~10 m/min

Steel grade: Q235;Q345;APISPEC5L ,X42—X65;

Max spiral distance:2000mm

Temperature of testing area:0℃—70℃

Welding seam straightness tolerance:≤3mm/m



There are four detectors for welding seam checking, both Transmitting and receiving ultrasound, two are in a group. On heat affected zone, there are two double crystal transversal wave probe, 6×25, detecting scope 5mm~25mm around welding seam. 24 probe for the pipe body detection, the distance between two probes can be 50mm to 100mm adjustable.


It can satisfy the requirements of GB/T9711.2, GB/T9711.3 and API5L

The Pipe Ultrasonic Testing Machine will rotate the steel pipe and probes go according to programm straightly and up/down, PLC control. There are four methods for testing if flaws exist, error rate will be less than 2% while no missing report.

Working discription

The steel pipe is sent to the detection area. The support roll lift steel pipe and rotating under PLC control. CCD search 12 points on welding seam, and then, steel pipe stop rotating and prob frame come down start working. The probe angle is adjustable. The whole course can be monitored.

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