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Welding Section

For the pipe welding part we have welding machines and heat treatment machines.
It is a high precision welding repair machine. The welding machine has high precision and its welding efficiency is high. Due to the adoption of the inverter power supply and the patented technology, the welding repair current and time of the welding machine are precisely controlled, and the operation can be stably performed under extremely small current conditions. It makes it possible to weld small parts. It is a more professional and more precise repair welding equipment.
It has a versatile configuration to meet the needs of different working conditions.
Due to the adoption of the patented technology, the arcing current and time of the welding machine are several times lower than the common argon welding, which overcomes the impact on the work during the welding repair process, even for the machining of workpieces without machining. Repair, and the precision of welding is high.
Since the welding current and time are precisely controlled, the input energy can be precisely controlled to ensure that the input energy is only sufficient for fusion between the wire and the workpiece. There will be no excessive energy acting on the workpiece to achieve the desired welding and repairing effect.
When the machine is welded, the welding consumables are basically metallurgically fused. The degree of bonding after welding is high. It can be applied to a variety of processing methods, and there will be no other types of cold welder after welding, the degree of bonding is not strong, falling off and so on.
The heat treatment machine is mainly used for intelligent control of heat treatment temperature. It is widely used in preheating, post-weld hydrogenation, and post-weld heating of boilers, power stations, steel, chemicals, bridges, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, heavy machinery, large steel structural parts.
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  • Pipe Heat Treatment Machine

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    Pipe Heat Treatment Machine

    Pipe Heat Treatment Machine takes the heating coils as main components, heat up the seam place on pipe or the whole pipe above steel critical temperature, the fine grain appear during this heat-treatment, and the pipe get better performance.

  • Steel Pipe Welder

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    Steel Pipe Welder

    This steel pipe welder is mainly used for low carbon steel or high tension steel material pipe welding.

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