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Welding Steel Pipe Making Machine

Welding steel pipe making machines can process profiles of different shapes and thicknesses by replacing different forming dies. The product is neat and tidy, and the appearance is beautiful, which is convenient for construction and installation. The machine adopts gearbox transmission, and each row of forming shafts has power, which makes the machine run more stable and more reliable than the traditional chain transmission. It greatly enhances the service life of the machine and brings you more benefits.
Production process of welded steel pipe forming machine:
The production process depends mainly on the product variety, and a series of processes are required from the raw material to the finished product. Completing these processes requires a variety of mechanical equipment and welding, electrical control, and inspection devices. These equipment and devices are arranged in a variety of ways according to different process requirements. The machine is automatically produced for the entire production line and requires no excessive human involvement. It is an energy-efficient production equipment.
Typical process of high-frequency welded pipe: slitting (optional) - unwinding - stripping leveling - head and tail shearing - strip butt welding - looper storage - forming - welding - removing burrs - steel straightening - finished products.
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