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Vacuum Furnace

The vacuum furnace can use a vacuum system (carefully assembled from vacuum pump, vacuum measuring device, vacuum valve and other components) in a specific space of the furnace chamber to discharge a part of the material in the furnace chamber, so that the pressure in the furnace chamber is less than a standard atmospheric pressure. The space inside the furnace chamber thus achieves a vacuum state.
Our vacuum furnaces can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, metallurgy, machinery, automotive, mold, electric light source, special materials industry and colleges and universities.
1) It completely eliminates the oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the workpiece during heating, and obtains a clean surface without a deteriorated layer. This is highly relevant for the improvement of the cutting performance of the tool that only grinds one side during sharpening (for example, the twisted surface of the grooved surface is directly exposed to the cutting edge after the twist drill is ground).
2) The vacuum furnace has no pollution to the environment and does not need to be treated with three wastes.
3) The furnace temperature measurement and monitoring accuracy are obviously improved. The indicated value of the thermocouple and the furnace temperature reached ±1.5 °c. However, the temperature difference between different parts of the workpiece in the furnace is large. If the lean gas is used for forced circulation, it can still be controlled within the temperature range of ±5 °c.
4) High degree of mechatronics. On the basis of improved temperature measurement and control accuracy, workpiece movement, air pressure adjustment, power adjustment, etc. can be pre-programmed, and quenching and tempering can be carried out according to the steps.
5) The energy consumption is significantly lower than that of the salt bath furnace. The modern and advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber is made of high-quality insulation materials and insulation walls and barriers, which can concentrate the electric heating energy in the heating room, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
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