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Vacuum Furnace for CC Composites, Motors and Generators

These Vacuum Furnace For CC Composites, Motors And Generators are vacuum pressure impregnation equipment.
Vacuum pressure impregnation furnace is divided into two types: low temperature impregnation and high temperature infiltration. The low temperature impregnation is mainly used for the impregnation process of carbon, silicon carbide and other materials impregnated with asphalt, resin or polycarbosilane. High temperature infiltration is mainly used for graphite, ceramics and other composites. The process of infiltrating aluminum alloy, infiltrating titanium alloy, infiltrating copper alloy, and infiltrating high temperature alloy.
The vacuum pressure impregnation furnace has multiple levels of safety protection. Its locking ring is hydraulically driven and has mechanical limits. The opening of the furnace door is manually opened by hydraulic pressure or automatically, and the operation is simple. The low temperature impregnation equipment has two modes: single tank and double tank. The high temperature infiltration equipment can be designed as continuous vacuum pressure infiltration, which greatly improves the production efficiency. This product is widely used in aerospace, metallurgical building materials, ceramics, fire-resistant, magnetic materials and other industries.
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