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Vacuum Furnace for Diffusion Bonding

Diffusion welding is a kind of pressure welding method in which two closely-welded weldments are held in a vacuum or protective atmosphere after a certain temperature and pressure are maintained, so that the atoms of the contact surfaces are mutually diffused to complete the welding.
The vacuum furnace for diffusion bonding adopts a full-metal radiation screen structure composed of two layers of molybdenum and four layers of stainless steel. The heating element is a wide molybdenum strip, which is evenly arranged along the front, rear, left and right walls to ensure uniform furnace temperature. The pressure device consists of a hydraulic station, a cylinder, a pressure head, a load cell, a pressure controller and a pressure bracket, which can realize oil pressure holding and pressure setting control. The electronic control system adopts the way of PLC and programmable temperature controller to realize three automatic control modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. This welding method achieves the welding of two weldments by mutual diffusion of intermetallic atoms and metal bonding without the participation of a liquid phase or a very small amount of a transition liquid phase. No as-cast structure remains in the joint, and since no other elements are introduced, the joint composition and the structure are uniform with the matrix, the original interface completely disappears, and the two weldments eventually become one.
This vacuum furnace for diffusion bonding is mainly used in the diffusion welding process of various engine blades, hoes, missile fuzes and other components such as aviation, aerospace and ships. Diffusion welding is widely used for diffusion welding between different types of metal materials and metal materials, as well as diffusion welding between different types of metal materials and ceramic materials and non-metal materials.
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