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Vacuum Furnace for Target Material

These Vacuum Furnace For Target Materials are mainly hot pressing vacuum equipment. They have the following uses:
1. Hot pressing sintering of metal and ceramic powders
2. Preparation of ceramic/metal composites and intermetallic compounds
3. Research and development of diffusion welding process
4. Densification hot pressing sintering of oxygen/nitrogen/boron/carbon compounds and their mixtures
Double-layer SUS304 furnace structure with cooling water in the middle, effectively reducing the surface temperature of the furnace body, reducing high temperature damage and reducing the impact on the environment;
The frame type double column support structure adopts profile welding and integral processing to ensure the reliability of the equipment;
The vacuum furnace adopts advanced thermal insulation material and heat insulation structure, which has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect, and can effectively block heat even at high temperature, saving energy consumption;
The vacuum furnace has a wide temperature range and various heating elements, such as graphite, molybdenum, tungsten, induction heating, etc. In a suitable protective atmosphere, the maximum temperature can reach 2800 ° C, which can be adapted to hot press sintering of different materials;
Diversified vacuum system configuration, according to the process to choose different levels of vacuum;
The charging and discharging system is provided, and the hot pressing sintering can be selected in a vacuum environment, or the hot pressing sintering can be performed in an inert atmosphere or a reducing atmosphere;
User-friendly configuration, which can be operated manually or intelligently;
It can be used as a simple vacuum or atmosphere sintering furnace.
Due to its variety of materials, the materials used are different, so we offer vacuum furnaces for a variety of specific materials.
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